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Two minor observations: Christian Black is leaning against the jeep in the background (he’s the one more or less facing the camera; he seems to be around a lot in this episode, or at least more noticeably so) and one of the violinist has the most amazing(ly geeky) ensemble on (knee socks + bow tie + vest + glasses, oh my). 2 years ago / 4 notes
I’m not even sure how, but I totally missed out on the fact that there’s an MP walking around in a gas mask until now. Huh. 2 years ago / 12 notes
I have no idea why there are nuns around (bit late for spiritual guidance, isn’t it?) but their habits are startlingly (and almost painfully) pristine in comparison to the rest of the camp. 2 years ago / 8 notes
Nothing much to note about the actual shot itself, but the music that starts playing around this point - a variation of which can already be heard in the scene where Nix breaks into that German lady’s house - is eerily similar (if not based on) “Dido’s Lament” from Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas.
For comparison’s sake, here is the Band of Brothers track, and here is the Purcell piece (the similarities become especially clear from about 00:58 on)! 2 years ago / 6 notes
Does anyone have any idea what the thing on Dick’s desk is? 2 years ago / 6 notes
A wild Skinny appears in the midst of the prisoners (and manages to break my heart in the process). 2 years ago / 6 notes
More of Grant (left) and Malark (right). 2 years ago / 9 notes
It’s easy to forget sometimes, given that both are relatively minor characters, but both Grant and Christenson are fairly integral members of the NCO corps by this point (as, indeed, are most of the remaining Toccoa men). There’s a reason Winters tasks them with informing the rest of the men. 2 years ago / 6 notes
Sparky Speirs in the foreground; you can just see Shifty to his right (looking tiny and with his arm stretched out toward the truck). 2 years ago / 4 notes
And suddenly all I can think is “what do you know about cooking, you’re Irish”.
… oh Malark. :( 2 years ago / 6 notes
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"I think it's Major Horton, sir?"
A series with an obscene amount of detail and minor characters + a fangirl with a keen eye + several rewatches = a lot of random trivia. Heigh-ho, silver!

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